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Health is wealth. At Nanogate, we prioritize our users’ well-being more than anything. With this in mind, we relentlessly conduct product research, development and lab tests in hope of delivering products with the highest standards possible. We make good use of our professionalism to help and share educational information to all our clients.

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Guaranteed Safe to Use

  • Artboard 15-8 100% safe for skin contact
  • Artboard 15-8 100% Safe for senior citizens and kids

Last for 24 Hours

  • Artboard 15-8 Long-lasting anti-bacterial effect

99.99% Killing Rates

  • Artboard 15-8 Reduce 99.99% of tested microorganism and germs


  • Artboard 15-8 Zero pollution to the environment


Non-Toxic Disinfectant

  • Artboard 15-8 pH 4.0-5.5, no silver ingredients
  • Artboard 15-8 Formulated from natural minerals


Nano Ion+ is the soul product of Nanogate. It contains newly proven organic substances with particle sizes of about 1-100 nanometer. When formulated with our stabilizer and double purified water, it is capable of releasing natural mineral ions that can nullify bacterial activity.
Hence, it has been widely applied in the biomedical field. To put it to greater use, we have developed various ways for product application that incorporate Nano Ion+ to benefit both individuals and businesses.


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