Premium Ultrasonic Cylinder Chamber

  • 1
    Traffic indicator status light for intermittent and standby mode
  • 2
    Special stainless steel fogging tower with fogging output station to optimize the sterilizing purpose​
  • 3
    Stainless steel buffer tank for liquid sanitizer up to 10 Litre
  • 4
    Panasonic PLC for human interface integration
  • 5
    Ultrasonic fogging generator up to 10kg per hour
    Fogging generator integrate with water proof fan for emission of fogging
  • 6
    Omron sensor for entrances detection
  • 7
    Stainless steel construction structure
  • 8
    Anti-bacterial shield cover

Gate Size:
1400mm (Diameter) * 2200mm (H)

240 volts
13 Amp 3 pin plug

Consumption Rate:
15ml/spray of 5 seconds
5000ml/15ml = 333pax




the spread of disease


risk of contracting
infectious diseases


employees, students & family members from illness or disease outbreak


a healthy &
safe environment